Types of bricks.

Bricks, we see them everywhere. From the walls that make up our houses to some of the roads we drive on, bricks are versatile and are quite literally the building blocks of society. But not any brick can be used for any type of job, some bricks are created for a specific purpose while some can be used in almost any circumstance. Let’s go over the common types of bricks used in everyday life and the functions they usually serve.

Concrete Bricks:
These types of bricks are made from mixtures of portland cement, water, sand, and gravel. They are light grey in colour and have a fine surface texture. Used mostly in the construction of facades, fences, basement walls, rock faced foundation walls and plain faced partition walls. Concrete walls are inexpensive, lightweight, low maintenance, extremely durable, simple to install, fireproof and can be ornamented if need be.

Klinkers (clinkers):
Named after the metallic sound they make when struck against each other, klinker bricks (also known as clinkers) are created from wet clay that is exposed to extremely hot temperatures to produce a brick with a shiny, dark-colored coating. Aside from the sound they make klinker bricks are also known for their density and weight compared to other bricks of their size. Water-resistant and durable, these bricks can be used in the construction of houses as well as roads.

Semi face bricks:
Used worldwide, semi face bricks are a type of brick that is made from a clay that does not require painting or plastering. These bricks can be used to build interior and exterior walls and are popular because of their aesthetic features and come in a variety of shades and textures. Semi face bricks are also easy to recycle, water and fire resistant and possess thermal mass properties meaning that they can keep a building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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