PVC Pipes and PVC Fittings

Polyvinyl Chloride – What does it mean?

Polyvinyl Chloride or better known as PVC is a synthetic plastic polymer most commonly used in the plumbing and electrical industries. The two main compositions of PVC pipes and fittings are chlorine and carbon. The costs to manufacture the product is relatively low, thus resulting in it being a largely used product in South Africa. Manufacturers do not need to incorporate non-renewable resources such as gasses and crude oil in the manufacturing processes, thus making it environmentally friendly and safe to use.

PVC pipes and fittings are durable, come in different shapes and sizes and are also available in a variety of colours. As electricians and plumbers often need to carry around large loads (depending on each job) as well as a vast amount of tools (depending on the problem), they often choose to use this product as it is lighter in weight than many of the alternatives. Allowing them to transport larger qualities on fewer vehicles. Although lightweight and durable, there is a downside to this material, PVC pipes can be subject to breakage if they are dropped from a distance, mishandled or bashed around.As they are not as strong as a metal they need to be handled with a little more care.

The lifespan of a single PVC pipe is phenomenal. Taking years to deteriorate and lose strength. There have been instances where a PVC pipe has been placed in a structure, with harmful weather and heat conditions and still proving to be one of the best products on the market. Resources suggest allowing a PVC pipe to stand for up to 24 hours before allowing water to pass its way through, in order to avoid the plastic taste they may occur.

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