Painting Your House’s Exterior

By painting your home is like giving it a tremendous face lift. . .If it’s done correctly that is.

Why paint your house.

Cost – A decent exterior paint job is a fairly cheap whole-house fix. The cost to paint your whole house may vary depending on the amount of preparation work required, but things such as scraping, mold removal, scraping, pressure washing, priming, caulking and lead paint remediation are advised to keep your house in good shape, as well as to help your paint last longer. Don’t hold back with prep work, as it is often the most important part.

There are other factors that will affect the painting price and that is the height and size of your home, its condition and material, the number of coats that are required, whether you are going from a dark colour to a lighter colour, and any other special architectural features. If you are using a professional painting company, it is advisable to get a cost estimate on paper from them along with a warranty on the paint and labor.

Choice – There is a very exciting variety of paint colours available for your house today. You also need to ensure that you are following your local HOA rules and regulations when it comes to the colour selection and , if possible, try to keep your choice in line with both the vintage of your home and the style of the neighbourhood.

Curb appeal – The exterior of your home is the first thing that your visitors are going to see from the street. A beautiful new paint job can make a great impression on your clients, friends, and also, potential buyers. If you want to put your house up for sale in the future then you should care for your property’s appearance, this will ensure that your home is more marketable.

Flexibility – Should you change your mind about the colour of your house, or that it is not attracting as many buyers or customers as you hoped, you can always just re-paint in another colour.

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