Choosing the right sand for building.

As we all know, sand is an extremely important part of building materials, but why is it so important? It’s quite simple, sand is a hard material, it is strong in nature and made up of very fine mineral particles. Sand gives strength and sustainability to the building.


There are three different types of sand namely:

  • Pit sand – This sand is a reddish orange colour and it is usually angular, sharp and free from salts which is used in concretes.
  • River sand – This sand is usually gathered from the banks of the river. It has a very fine quality unlike pit sand. River sand is usually a whitish grey colour and it has rounded particles. The sand is very useful for construction purposes such as plastering.
  • Beach/Sea sand – Thisparticular type of sand has been alienated for construction purposes, it contains salt within itself by nature and it tends to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and it brings stickiness to the building. Sea or beach sand has a higher proportion of chloride ions which causes corrosion in steel. This sand is actually finer than river sand, even though it’s not really suitable for construction purposes since it fails to give the durability for building or for roads. For these reasons, Sea and beach sand have been alienated for the construction purpose.
  • Manufactured sand/Artificial sand – This sand has been manufactured by crushing either basalt rock or granite using a three stage crushing process. This sand is commonly used as a substitute for river sand for construction purposes. There aren’t many companies around the world who manufacture these sands. Manufactured sand and artificial sand is manufactured in conformance to IS Codes.


When it comes to the sand that is used for construction, it should be clean, neat and free of stones, clay balls and impurities.

Below are the grades of sands in five categories:

  • Fine sand (1/8 mm – 1/4 mm)
  • Very fine sand (1/16 – 1/8 mm diameter)
  • Medium sand (1/4 mm – 1/2 mm)
  • Coarse sand (1/2 mm – 2 mm), and
  • Very coarse sand (1 mm – 2 mm)


Since the finer the sand is, the greater the sustainability of the building, most people give preference to very fine sand. At Builders Buyer we offer a few different types of sand for you to choose from. Contact us or visit our website for more information.

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