12 Interesting Facts About Concrete

Concrete is one of the most popular construction material used by professionals these days. Below we have a few interesting  facts about the building material that you might like to know.

  • Roman concrete was different from the concrete we use today. Back in the day they used lime, volcanic ash from the Mount Vesuvius and water to create a sort of concrete that was used for construction. It was not extremely durable but it was still better than nothing.
  • The Pantheon was built using Roman unreinforced concrete and the dome is the largest in the world today.
  • A concrete mixture is normally composed from sand, gravel, water, cement and air. This specific type of construction material is quite popular because most of the components are available in plenty of quantities everywhere.
  • Reinforced concrete is highly resistant to water as well as fire. Which is why professionals usually build underwater structures with concrete. The legs of bridges are made from reinforced concrete as well.
  • Structures that are built from reinforced concrete are normally tougher and more resistant in comparison to structures that feature stainless steel.
  • Concrete is very popular in construction because it can be shaped with little effort. In some cases, different objects and items are made entirely from concrete and used with decorative purposes.
  • Concrete can also be used for constructing tall buildings as the material cannot be damaged easily, it is also easier and cheaper to maintain.
  • Each year, companies produce over two billion tons of concrete which can also be used for construction purposes.
  • Concrete normally features a simple and neutral appearance, but if you would like to improve the design, you can use different types of coatings. These coatings could make concrete floors more resistant to wear and tear, they also feature different colours and artwork.
  • Concrete slabs can be cut, drilled and sawed using diamonds. A diamond head is durable and tough and can very easily cut through concrete slabs.
  • Concrete is perfect for building roads because of its high compressive strength and the fact that it can be manipulated with little effort by experts to match the design of the road.
  • Concrete is often used for kitchen countertops too. These products are durable and add a modern look to your kitchen.

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